Customer Testimonials


" With the intent to keep our son active, we searched around and found Myung's TaeKwonDo Academy a good fit because of their flexible class schedules and short commuting distance. At age of 6, we signed him up. It has been over 7 years and he still enjoys going to the classes. Not only he is physically stronger, he has become more mature and responsible. As well, his confidence level has improved tremendously over the years of training in the high performance classes and competing in local and national tournaments. Our whole family is training at Myung's now. Over the years, our children have become good friends with other students in the academy as well as all the parents. We are proud to be members of the Myung's family. "
Sam and Suki


" We were seeking a martial art that would not only be discipline enriching and focus demanding for our two boys, but fun and engaging as well. After scouting out various disciplines and schools, tae kwon do at Myung's was IT for us. Three years later, Myung's has become more than just a school. It's our second home and its Masters and members...almost family. The Masters have inspired/motivated/challenged my boys to be more than they could be...not only as a martial artist but also as a person. Why should only my kids reap the benefits from Myung's???? I joined as bonding at its best!!! "


" We have been going to Myung's Taekwondo Academy almost daily for the past 10 years. It has become a routine in our lives, and we are proud to say that Taekwondo plays an important part in all of our families lives. We have both of our sons enrolled, our daughter and even myself. We enjoy going to training, at all of the locations. The atmosphere is amazing, and unlike any other. We have the best instructors with unique personalities, that come from all over the world. Myung's is the most fun and enjoyable place to train for a healthy lifestyle. "
The Trantalovski Family


" After my daughter was bullied at a playground, I researched the martial art schools in the area and enrolled her at Myung's Taekwondo in 2005 based on Grandmaster Myung's impressive credentials. This turned out to be the best choice! The masters and instructors at Myung's Taekwondo are highly qualified with extensive teaching, coaching, mentoring and competition experience at provincial, national and international levels. My entire family of 6 are all students at Myung's Taekwondo and it's rewarding to witness the increase in self-esteem, confidence, focus and discipline of my children under the guidance of their Masters. 3 of my children are national champions competing at national and international events not only because of the high-level skill and training imparted by their Masters but more importantly, it is the focus, discipline and determination that their Masters have instilled in them which enabled them to succeed. Quoting one of the Masters "I teach Taekwondo not just to have champions, I teach so they [the children] can learn to be a better person through Taekwondo." In all, this quotation befittingly reflects the Masters at Myung's Taekwondo whose passion in teaching is evident in their students' achievements and their positive attitude towards learning. "
Lucretia Yeong


" Master Myung's TKD academy has been a great experience for us and our children. The management is friendly, supportive and flexible. The assistant trainers are very good with the kids during their classes. The head trainer for Markham East(Master Han) is fantastic...friendly, experienced...he knows his stuff and has been a major factor in our kids development in TKD. "


" Master Myung's Taekwondo Academy is the best school in the area. All of the Masters are extremely dedicated and very professional. My son Aidan has been attending this school for the past 3 years. He has become stronger and more confident. The classes are structured, challenging and fun at the same time. They have several Locations and the facilities are well equipped. They make learning fun and rewarding for the kids and also have a great family atmosphere. "


" My son, Aidan Chow has been going to Master Myung's since Oct 2010. He enjoys the training, the tournaments, and the instructors (especially Master Han who has worked with him the most). The instructors are very hardworking, very dedicated, and make the training fun in a way. He really enjoys going there and we also have observed some positive changes in him too. We're quite happy to have him there. "
Arthur & Joanne Chow
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