myungs tkd review

After my daughter was bullied at a playground, I researched the martial art schools in the area and enrolled her at Myung’s Taekwondo in 2005 based on Grandmaster Myung’s impressive credentials. This turned out to be the best choice! The masters and instructors at Myung’s Taekwondo are highly qualified with extensive teaching, coaching, mentoring and competition experience at provincial, national and international levels. My entire family of 6 are all students at Myung’s Taekwondo and it’s rewarding to witness the increase in self-esteem, confidence, focus and discipline of my children under the guidance of their Masters. 3 of my children are national champions competing at national and international events not only because of the high-level skill and training imparted by their Masters but more importantly, it is the focus, discipline and determination that their Masters have instilled in them which enabled them to succeed. Quoting one of the Masters “I teach Taekwondo not just to have champions, I teach so they [the children] can learn to be a better person through Taekwondo.” In all, this quotation befittingly reflects the Masters at Myung’s Taekwondo whose passion in teaching is evident in their students’ achievements and their positive attitude towards learning.