Black Belt Testing on May 25, 2019

BB Testing on May 25 2019

Black Belt testings are held every 6 months, and require a great deal of preparation time on the part of the staff.  Each test is around 4-5 hours in duration.

Here are the stages of Black Belt testing.

  1. Warm-up: a bunch of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and stretching.
  2. Kicking. You do each belt’s kicking combination up and down the studio.
  3. Forms. You run through all the belt forms. Your Master/instructor may ask you to demonstrate these forms in various combinations.
  4. Self-Defense. These techniques generally include kicks, blocks, punches, and strikes.
  5. Sparring. After you’ve gone through all the forms, you do two rounds of sparring.
  6. Board Breaking.  These techniques can be separated into three types:

    Power breaking – using straightforward techniques to break as many boards as possible
    Speed breaking – boards are held loosely by one edge, putting special focus on the speed required to perform the break
    Special techniques – breaking fewer boards but using jumping or flying techniques to attain greater height, distance, or to clear obstacles.

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