Angelo Papafrangos

myungs review

I want to thank Master Ha and Sidiq for their time, care and attention in making our son Cristos grow a love for martial arts and taekwondo. Before coming to Master Ha, we had tried a number of activities from soccer, hockey, baseball etc. We wanted Cristos to find a passion in something he would take ownership of and grow to love.

One day, we took him to Myung’s to see if he would like to try Taekwondo, and after the first day with Master Ha and his group of instructors Cristos wanted to come back. After the first month, he fell in love with Taekwondo. Cristos always talks about Instructor Siddiq and Master Ha’s humour, funny stories and lessons during class. The lessons Master Ha teaches the kids were immediately evident at home.

We joined in May. Cristos’ love for Taekwondo has grown to the point that he asked us to make him a member for 4 years.

I challenge anybody to find a more fun and engaging atmosphere than Stouffville Myung’s Taekwando. Cristos has found a passion and love in something and we see it every minute at home and in the class. None of this would have been possible without Master Ha and Siddiq’s love and patience with children.

You will never find a better staff!