Keith Kong

myungs taekwondo review

Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy Richmond Hill, under the leadership of Master Edward Fong has established a respectable level of prestige in the Taekwondo community. His knowledge, mastery, and passion for the art not only produced great athletes but, great people who practice for self-discipline and health. Having the privilege of being mentored in the martial art by Master Fong for many years, I’ve experienced his wisdom first hand and was present watching the academy grow through his leadership. I appreciate and respect Master Fong as a mentor and a dear friend, as he not only help me hone my skills but, help me develop interpersonal skills that I apply to my day to day life. I gladly invite all who seek a great mentor and would like to practice an enlightening martial art to join the Master Myung’s Taekwondo Academy Richmond Hill family.